What the ****’s going on out there?!? -Vince Lombardi

I never look forward to nature closing the curtain on another Summer. The one tonic that makes the transition to Fall less melancholy is FOOTBALL! College, yes, but the NFL in particular and the perennial subtext of whether the Eagles will soar or crash as roadkill.

But unless you’ve been on Mars for the past month, you know that this season’s NFL has sported fewer X’s and O’s than usual. Instead of learning which rookies are winners or which free agents are busts, we watch kneeling, sitting, booing, tweeting, and boycotting. Some observers see these as symbols of appropriate agitation. Others see them as dishonoring our country and flag. Voila! The harbinger of a Winter grayer, colder and more depressing than usual. Maybe dentists will start posting Sunday afternoon hours, offering something less painful for alienated fans.

Can we agree on ANYTHING? Probably not much, but I’ll bet if you met Vince Papale, former Eagle and the real life inspiration of the blockbuster movie Invincible, you’d agree that he speaks honestly, directly and passionately. And one topic he addresses with courage and authority is the importance of fathers in the lives of their kids. Take a look below at what @vincepapale says about Roles for a Good Dad

While you’re at it, look at the other videos on the Fathers & Families Youtube channel where athletes and every day dads give their useful perspectives on fatherhood. And share them with others who just might have the time and the appetite – maybe on Thursday and Monday nights, and Sunday afternoons and evenings — to watch something truly worth watching!