Here’s hoping that your Christmas, Chanukah, and holidays have been peaceful and restful, as well as a toast towards a healthy and fulfilling New Year. And three cheers for good fathers whom we need now more than ever.

“Things aren’t always what they seem to be at first.” Over the holidays, the fatherhood elves have worked on a play, A Not-So-Silent Night at Pop’s Place. Thumbnail: On a snowy December night, nine very different people become trapped in a New Jersey diner. What they learn from each other, through poignant and unexpected twists, both tragic and comic, bridge their irreconcilable differences. And change their lives.


While not a fatherhood play per se, readers will note good and not-so-good examples of what fathers (and mothers) do to set their kids on a productive path while avoiding the troubles in their way.

Note the play’s Dedication:
Dedicated to the proposition that dialog – and honesty, compassion, and courage – just might be able to bridge unbridgeable divides, but only if we let them.

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