The Dad Link

June 17, 2020

I am excited to welcome you to The Dad Link, a new and creative way to connect volunteer fathers with young men and women who do not have a father involved in their lives. I invite you to visit for more on this unique service.

Here are just a few highlights:

  • An experienced father (Dad Link Dad) will be paired with a young man or woman (Dad Link Son or Daughter) in what we hope will evolve into a lasting, one-on-one relationship
  • All Dad Link Sons and Daughters will be adults who are eighteen years of age or older
  • All communications between Dad Link Dads and Dad Link Sons/Daughters will take place via telephone or video chat (no in-person connections)
  • Dad Link Dads will do what good dads do: listen to their Dad Link Sons/Daughters, understand where they are in their lives, help them think through options, offer some perspectives they gained from raising their own kids, and provide a little fatherly advice where it might be helpful.

Spread the news on The Dad Link! We want to connect with fathers who might be interested in being Dad Link Dad volunteers, as well as younger adults who might be interested in being Dad Link Sons or Daughters.

Happy Father’s Day.