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Bill McCusker

West Berlin, N.J June 21, 2020 – Fathers & Families, Inc. today launched The Dad Link, an innovative, free service that connects a young man or woman who does not have access to a father’s perspective with an experienced father who is willing and able to provide it.

“For decades, millions of boys and girls in America have been raised without a father,” said Bill McCusker, Founder & CEO of Fathers & Families, Inc. “This has created a void in the lives of many young people because of the absence of the wisdom and caring that a good dad provides. The Dad Link helps to fill these voids.”

McCusker pointed that The Dad Link does not take the place of a committed biological or adoptive father. “Nothing can replace the love, sacrifice, guidance and hard work of a real dad,” McCusker said. “But many young people don’t have such a dad in their corner for any number of unfortunate reasons. However, a good man who volunteers as a Dad Link Dad can help address this absence by linking with a young person seeking some support, wisdom and insight from an experienced father.”

McCusker explained that The Dad Link relies on phone and video conversations, not in-person contacts, aimed at building helpful and rewarding one-on-one relationships between volunteer Dad Link Dads and Dad Link Sons and Daughters. He also said that all Dad Link Sons and Daughters need to be at least eighteen years of age to participate in The Dad Link.
The Dad Link is endorsed by The Strong Families Commission, Incorporated, an advocate for greater father family involvement. “Bill McCusker is a trusted colleague in the mission to help children and strengthen families,” said Dr. Rufus Sylvester Lynch, Founder & Chair of The Strong Families Commission. “We fully applaud and support his personal drive to respond to the needs of so many young adults (male and female), who do not have access to a good father.”

McCusker said that those interested in learning more about The Dad Link, including potential Dad Link Dads and Dad Link Sons and Daughters, should visit


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